COGNITIVE SIMULATION  -  For surgeons across specialties


How to get trained

There are various options to get trained

Attend a master class -

Currently master classes are conducted in London and Birmingham. If you are interested in attending the forthcoming master class, please contact us for the availability.

Half-day course can be conducted in any department or hospital. Please let us know if you are interested in arranging one in your hospital. Courses have been conducted as a part of regional post-graduate training and as a part of an operative workshop.

Groud or Department traiing


Online TrainingOn-line training

If you are unable to attend a master class, online sessions can be arranged at a mutually convenient time. Contact us for details.

It is known that cognitive simulation is beneficial for both; novices as well as experienced surgeons. Although it is useful for both, the reasons for its effectiveness are different so does the usage. On-line training is focused on the requirement of an individual surgeon.


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