COGNITIVE SIMULATION  -  For surgeons across specialties


Why do you need training

Cognitive Simulation TrainingEveryone has the ability to imagine and once you understand the principles, cognitive simulation is easy to practice. Why then you need training?

Here are the reasons

- Everyone has a capacity for cognitive simulation however we vary in our abilities. Some people are able to simulate better than others. With training you are able to recognize your own potential and ways to improve it.

- The ability of cognitive simulation depends on certain individual factors. To perform it effectively you need to understand these factors besides specific strengths and weaknesses.

- Training helps to clarify misconceptions that prevent optimum application.

- Since it is a subjective process, insightful comments during training are vital to do it correctly. Incorrect use of cognitive simulation may worsen the performance instead of improving it.

- Even though it is easy to do, cognitive simulation should not be trivialized by casualness. Doing so will not confer the desired results.

- Cognitive simulation is a skill and like any other skill the quality of simulation improves with practice and training.


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