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About Uttam Shiralkar

Uttam ShiralkarMy involvement in this field started accidently, to be precise, following an accident! After working as a surgeon for 15 years in India, UK and USA I decided to enter in to psychological medicine. Developing interest in psycho-oncology and neurological problems I suffered after an accident emboldened this move.

After entering in to the psychological medicine, I realised just how much impact surgeon's psychological factors have on performance and clinical outcome. I felt that if I had known these factors while practicing as a surgeon, my performance could have been far better. I sensed the critical need for every surgeon to be made aware of these vital factors for their own benefits.

Since then I have been involved in various activities to improve surgical performance by applying research findings from cognitive science. The feedbacks I have received show that these undertakings have benefited hundreds of surgeons in the UK and abroad. My articles and papers on this topic have been published in internationally reputed peer reviewed surgical journals. British Medical Association has conferred 'highly commended book in surgery' award to one of my books.


To bring about changes in surgeons' day-to-day practice I have conducted master classes in various parts of the country. With a unique diverse experience in surgery and psychology, I have been able to introduce a distinctive perspective that has been appreciated by surgeons across specialties. In addition to fulfilling my role as a consultant in NHS, I am actively involved in helping surgeons of various grades on a range of issues.


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