COGNITIVE SIMULATION  -  For surgeons across specialties


Novel techniques to acquire and improve operative skills

Here is a unique method of improving surgical skills, both, in and out of operation theatre. An ideal way to prepare for a procedure and a first step you can take to avoid intra-operative errors. It is a novel concept to refine skills without a drop of patient's blood or surgeon's sweat.

To become an expert, you are expected to devote considerable time and efforts in hands-on practicing. Not any more. If you learn how to use cognitive simulation, neither will be required. The only thing you need is an open mind!


In many ways surgical performance is similar to competitive athletic performance. Both require intense concentration. They equally depend on fine and gross motor abilities. Both are performed under pressure. Perfecting complex maneuvering is the aim for a surgeon, one that is shared by an athlete. Given the common ground, surgeons benefit by using the strategies that improve athletic performance.

Of course, surgery demands much more than manual dexterity. Correspondingly cognitive simulation is more than just 'visualization'. It is a multi-sensory experience. It is like updating your 'operative' software by downloading a latest 'App'. What you need is to learn to apply it effectively.


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